Yunus Karim

His career at JLL has been a strenuous yet exciting journey which allows Yunus precious moments and rare opportunities to learn from the best leaders.

JLL is a workplace that offers many opportunities to encourage you to explore new things, grow your skills, and certainly achieve your ambitions. Trust me, it is sometimes not even related to what you do on your daily basis. What is important is that you bring your best attitude.

I was a marketing analyst at a property developer before I took the opportunity to join JLL in 2016 for a different job role and responsibilities. I only knew about the residential market but here I had to familiarize myself with the commercial and nascent logistics of industrial sectors in many different local markets. On top of that, I am responsible to serve external clients, while in the previous company I did not have any opportunity to grow these skills.

It has been an exhausting yet exciting journey to be able to strive in my role. It has also given me precious moments and rare opportunities to learn from the best superiors. I have even been fortunate enough to meet various high-profile clients.

The best reward is always to see that my work has helped others, both colleagues and clients.  This is a huge achievement and an important step in my career.

One of the best things about this company is that you can still pursue your passions outside of work. I like to travel and have twice visited our different JLL regional colleagues and felt really welcomed even though we had never met before. I could even participate as a volunteer in the Asian Games 2018 and received the JLL’s support.