Supply chain for Indonesia’s economic growth

We require a strong and reliable supply chain to support local economic growth.

April 04, 2022

The key in Supply Chain is technology. With the support from the government in terms of infrastructure investment, along with emergence of E – Commerce, Indonesia supply chain market is expected to reach USD 94 billion by 2025. Therefore, to keep up with competition and challenges, supply chain players have been forced to look at reconfiguring their supply chains and accelerating their digital transformation.

Recent world events have exposed the vulnerabilities of global trade and are pushing manufacturers to review and redesign their production and distribution footprint. The advantage of lower production costs has been eroded due to surging transport costs and speed to market is ever more important. Before making a logistics real estate decision, consideration must be given to the supply chain impact and what is the costs and trades off against the number and location of facilities.

Contact Eko Faiqurridho

Director Supply Chain & Logistic Solutions - JLL Indonesia