Sustainability is
becoming more
essential in Jakarta's
real estate market

August 19, 2022

The built environment plays a critical role in the fight against climate change. Sustainable buildings are expected to be more efficient and generate better returns in the long term.

In Jakarta CBD Area, around 50% of Grade A and Premium Commercial Offices are already green-certified, with growing interest in other sectors including Data Centers, Hotels, Logistics and Industrial.

Occupier demand is expected to grow initiated dominantly by MNCs. Hence, non-sustainable buildings will be less attractive as legislation comes forward.

Retrofitting old, less sustainable buildings will be vital for meeting market demand and can secure a building from a value discount due to future obsolescence. Besides, occupiers are also driving the push to create a healthy and productive work environment for the employees.

In other words, sustainability used to be considered nice to have, but now it is the only way forward for everyone.

Contact Prisca Winata

Energy and Sustainability Lead